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Night Owl CS-WATCH-4GB Covert Video Watch Camera

Category: Spy Camera/Watch
Brand: Night Owl
Resolution: 640 x 480
Price: $63.99

Night Owl CS-SUNB-4GB Covert Video Sunglasses

Category: Spy Camera/Sunglasses
Brand: Night Owl
Resolution: 640 x 480
Price: $68.99

Swann HD PenCam Spy Camera and Recorder

Category: Spy Camera/Recorder
Brand: Swann
Camera Style: Hidden
Price: $57.99

Defender Covert Clock Spy Security Camera

Category: Spy Camera
Brand: Defender
MPEG-4: Yes
Price: CDN$ 199.99

Clock Cam Man Hidden Spy Security Camera

Category: Spy Camera
Brand: Security Man
Price: CDN$ 124.98

Spy Pen Camera HD / Voice Video Recorder

Category: Spy Camera / Pen Camera
Resolution: 640*480 Pixels
Price: CDN$ 13.99

HD Pen Cam Executive Pen With Covert Video Camera

Category: Spy Camera / Pen Camera
Brand: Swann
Price: $91.99

Smoke Detector CCTV Spy Camera / 3.6mm Pinhole

Category: Spy Camera / CCTV Camera
Brand: Sony
Price: CDN$ 102.52

Quartz Wall Clock Hidden Spy Security Camera

Category: Spy Camera / Hidden Camera
Brand: Sony
Price: CDN$ 122.99

Devices Using Spy Cameras

Look Here For Smallest Spy Cameras

Nanny Camera - Mini, Wireless, Hidden and Spy Pinhole Nanny Cameras

Mini Nanny Cameras Mini Nanny Cameras 2 Mini Nanny Cameras 2

Spy Pen Camera – Mini, Hidden, Wireless HD Video Security Pen Cameras

Spy Pen Camera 1 Spy Pen Camera 2 Spy Pen Camera 3

Spy cameras are used for surveillance purpose mostly by the detective agencies, crime reporters, and sting operations. Mini spy camera and spy pen camera are basically used by officers to record the conversation without informing to maintain the transparency. Spy cameras are not only the products for investigation and conspiracy purpose nowadays people also use these Spy cameras for home. Spy equipments are used to keep an eye at your home, offices, airports, casino and many more places when you are away from there. Spy cameras are basically of two types covert and overt. Overt are for visible and covert are for hidden spy cameras. These will provide you better control, security and surveillance at the best level.

Spy Cameras are being used frequently these days for investigation purposes or to trace things. Folks also make use of these for protecting their residences and offices from thieves, criminals or any unauthorized person which can bring in any harm. If a person has to go to another place leaving from your home alone, then obviously he will be worried about his property and possessions. In this situation, a spy camera can be utilized to witness the happenings which can occur in your house in your absence.

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