Adventure Time Susan Strong Info, Song, Lyrics, Chords

susan strong
Character: Susan Strong

Name : Susan Strong

Sex: Female

Age: N/A

Species: N/A

First Appearance: Susan Strong

Latest Appearance: Beautopia

Inspired By: Pendleton Ward

Voiced by: Jackie Buscarino

More about Susan Strong

Susan strong lives with Hyooman tribe, who lived underground and help in attack against the Candy Kingdom. Firstly Susan strong arises in the episode with the same name. In this adventure time series Jake and Finn teach her about the Ooo because she was not able to speak English and also afraid of many things. Susan is very strong, she can easily crush boulders with her arms.

Susan returns due to huge response from the people in season 3 episode "Beautopia". In this episode she asked for Finn’s help to reclaim the Hyoomans (Where Susan lives with Hyoomans Underground city).

Mostly people are confused with Susan strong character in Adventure time episode. People have different thinking about Susan like "Is Susan strong a human or fish People?" "Susan Strong a human or not like Finn in Adventure Time?" "She can speak English or not?" "Is Susan Strong Finn's mother?" "Susan strong human or hyooman?" and much more. There are lot of fans of her they like her song and series. This animation series is very popular among children, kids and teens, and people also like it in all major countries like UK, USA, UAE, Canada etc.

Adventure Time Susan Strong Song, Lyrics

Adventure Time Susan Strong Song Lyrics