Buy Lego Batman Cards Fleece Blanket by Character World for kids

New Batman Cards Fleece Blanket

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Brand: Batman         User Rating: 3/5

Product Specification

  • Condition: New with tags
  • Pattern: Pictorial
  • Boxed Weight: 358 g
  • Brand: The Lego
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 150cm
  • Character: Batman
  • Type: Fleece Blanket
  • Product: Lego Batman Cards Fleece Blanket
  • Material: Polyester
  • Machine Washable: Yes

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    Find great deals on batman bedding sets, blanket and other item related to it. You can select multiple color of your choice in bedding. In this box you will get Lego Batman Cards Fleece Blanket (120cm x 150cm) for your home.