Beauty And Makeup Tips‎ For Teenage Girls


Teenage is the changing phase of ones life when every girl becomes slightly aware of her looks and desires to look the best. Suddenly they become conscious of their looks and crave to try out makeup and look trendy. This article imparts knowledge about the right makeup tips for teenage girls.
Beauty And Makeup Tips‎ For Teenage Girls‎
Use Mild Makeup- Teenagers should always be careful about their makeup. It is advisable to wear light gloss with some mascara and the lightest hue of eyeshadow. Dark colored eyeshadow can look disastrous and ugly.
Eyeliners- Teenagers can go with liquid eyeliners. In fact, liners make your eyes look large and greatly accentuates your looks.
Skin Care- With the hormonal changes in the body teenagers should take proper care of their skin. At this age girls are generally prone to pimples. So, a clean and radiant skin will definitely make you look more appealing and gorgeous.
Emphasize on Your Best Features- It is for you to decide your best features and emphasize it with make up. If you have large and beautiful eyes go for good eye make up. Similarly, if you have gorgeous lips accentuate its beauty with light gloss.
Light Foundation- Though it is always advisable to avoid foundation during teens as the chemical formulation present in it can cause pimples and breakouts. But on special occasions like parties you can experiment with light foundation. Make sure that you use a right brand which does not cause any allergies on your skin. It is always preferable to test the foundation on a small portion of your skin.
Hair style- As a teenager you can experiment with numerous hair styles. But you should not try artificial pressing and curling. This may damage your hair to a great extent. To get bouncy and silky hair regular oil massage can be highly beneficial.
Go For Regular Waxing- Teenage girls can go for regular waxing since it is safe and increases their self esteem. So, follow these simple tips ( Tricks ) and look gorgeous and trendy, whether you have blue, green