How to Accentuate Your Cheekbones By Make Up Tips?


If you want your face to look slimmer then here are certain ways in which you can immediately make your face look slender and appear slimmer. By following these few simple tips you can definitely get a flawless and beautiful skin which will make you slim as well as radiant.
Make Up Tips To Accentuate Your Cheek Bones
Dark Foundation- The best option is to define your looks is by using a darker foundation on your cheek bones. You can also apply a bronzer or an illuminator. But make sure that these shades blend evenly on the face and do not make your face look patchy and awkward.
Highlight Your Cheek Bones- Use top brand skin illuminators and apply it on the highest bones of your cheek. This will create definition and leave you with a flawless and beautiful skin. You can also get a complete and gorgeous look by the application of bronzer on your collar bones and forehead. To get that natural glow you can also opt for shades which have reddish tinge.
Highlight Your Best Features- Define your eyes and lips with proper eye makeup and always choose to wear dark lipsticks which have rich hues. A proper and well blended make up can quickly enhance your personality.
Take Care of Your Eyes- During the application of highlighter you should take proper care of your eyes. Take precautions that the powdery bronzer or color does not enter your eyes. Always apply the illuminator in an upward direction.
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