How to Apply Eye Makeup Step By Step?


Dramatic and gorgeous eyes has the capacity to enhance your personality and give you amazing looks. Certain basic processes can give you a perfect eye make up for every occasion. This article can help you in getting bold, dramatic and captivating eyes which will definitely grab attention.

Cleanse Your Face and Apply a Concealer - To get that perfect and stunning look it is essential to wash your face and remove all old make up. Apply a concealer which is suitable for your delicate under eye skin. It is often suggested to apply a thin layer of concealer. This helps in hiding the under eye dark circles and fine lines. Never rub the concealer, on the other hand make sure that the concealer blends with your skin tone and is spread evenly throughout. This can definitely assure to hide all the ugly spots, blemishes and the dark coloured skin under your eyes and give radiant and glowing skin.

Apply Eye Liner- There are various water-proof liners available in the market. Eye-liners are a must have for any eye make up. You can choose from a wide catalog of dry, wet and colored liners which has the capacity to glamourize and add vibrancy to your personality. So, within a single stroke, liners have the capacity to enhance and accentuate your style. Some of the eye liners are pure color intense eye crayon by Estee Lauder, Dior beauty waterproof crayon eyeliner pencil by Christian Dior and many more. These are some of the most trusted products which are used by millions of women worldwide.

Eyeshadow - You can apply an eye shadow of one color or mix the colors of your choice. Various celebrity make up artists suggest that to get an edgy look you should know how to successfully blend each color used. A blending brush can be of great help in attaining that attractive and gorgeous look. There are many brushes like Laura Merceir All Over Color Brush, Mac 239, Mac 217, Nars Large Domed Eyes which successfully help in re- defining your looks.

Curl Your Lashes and Apply Mascara- Eyelash curlers are easily available in the market and this can definitely give you a gorgeous look. Again, application of mascara can give a classy and natural look. You can also take the liberty of applying mascara on your lower lashes which will make your eyes look bigger as well as glamorous.

Eyebrows Grooming- Ideally the shape of your eyebrows will help in getting a cohesive and gorgeous look. Many woman choose waxing or threading. Woman with sparse eyebrows can go for various eyebrows darkening pencils, powders and waxes which can give an impression of perfect shaping and style.