How To Dress To Look Taller For Women?


If you are short and desire to look taller than here are some of the dressing techniques that can make yourself look much taller than your actual height.

Always Dress In A Single Color- A single colored dress will not break the natural line and will give an illusion of a taller structure. You should also wear the same colored pair of shoes. This will make you look slender and tall.

women in red dress to look taller

Avoid Flat Shoes- Since flats can make you look short, you should always go for medium heels. It is always better to avoid high heels. High heels can only make you feel awkward. Medium heels on the other hand helps in creating height.

Avoid Flat Shoes to look taller

Short Skirts- This will definitely make your legs appear longer and give a taller look.

smaller fashion tip for petite women to looks taller

Wear Tights- Though you may not like the idea but tight clothes can actually make you look more taller than your height. The bagginess in clothes can create an appearance of shorter look. But of course if you tuck in your shirt in your tight jeans you can get that long and slender look.

woman Wear Tights Dress to look taller

Dark Colored Clothing- dark colors makes you look more slim and thus automatically you appear to be much taller. So, short people can choose dark colors like black, dark blue, maroon and other dark colors. Thus, to add length to your look wear dark colored clothes.

women's in Dark Colored Clothing to look taller

Stripes- Vertical stripes can create a visual effect which makes you appear taller. On the other hand, horizontal stripes adds width to your structure. The most preferred way is to dress in unbroken vertical stripes.

Women in Vertical stripes to looks taller

Add Elongated Accessories- Long necklaces and dangling earrings can create length to your appearance. If you are short it is always better to avoid scarves.

women in elongate accessories to look taller

Always Have The Correct Posture- When you stand or walk it is always better to remain straight with your head held high. On the contrary, if you slouch it can only make you appear much shorter than your actual height. So, remember to have the correct posture.

Weight- A heavy body structure can create an illusion of a short height. So, the best way to look taller is by controlling your weight. It is always advisable to maintain a balanced diet and go for regular exercise.

Check Your Necklines- V-shaped necklines can give a taller effect as compared to round necks. So, always prefer to go for V shaped shirts or dresses.

Attitude- You should always remember that no matter what your height is, you can always manage to look great only if you carry yourself with confidence.

So, follow these simple tips to look much taller than your actual height..