Makeup Tips For Women Over 30, 40, 50, 60


With the increase in age there are many hormonal changes in the body which causes fine lines, blemishes spots and wrinkles. Apart from these pollution, over exposure to sun, dirt and an improper diet can also make the appearance of these lines more prominent and ugly. During youth it is nature which takes care of your skin. Once you reach the age of 30 the same nature acts against your skin. Thus, great care is needed after you attain the age of 30. The following are some of the best ways in which you can maintain a youthful glow in your skin.

Makeup Tips For Women Over 30 to 40

Use Sunscreen- If you want a hydrating skin it is extremely essential to use a good quality sunsceen. Various reputed brands like Aveeno Hydrosport, Lakme, Elizabeth Arden products are trusted by millions of women worldwide. These sun blocks protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and thus does not allow your skin to get damaged. A sunscreen is definitely a must have for all women.


Regular Facial Massage- Massage helps proper rejuvenation of your skin. Moreover, the skin lightening packs helps in removing various facial problems like blemishes and scars.

Regular  facial massage for over 40

Exercise and Follow a Healthy Diet- Vegetables and fruits help in hydrating your skin. In fact, plenty of water and vitamin C enriched fruits can repair the tissues in your skin and leave you with a supple effect. Moreover, regular and religious exercise can also leave your skin and face look 10 years younger.

Exercise and healthy diet for women over 40

Use Anti-Aging Creams- Anti aging creams can work wonders on your skin. Regular usage of these creams make the fine lines look lighter and gives a a more firm and young skin.


Avoid Bad Habits Like Smoking- Smoking can have disastrous effect on your skin. Nicotine can cause a premature aging of your skin cells. It also makes your skin look more dull and dry. Smoking can cause a lot of other problems too. So, it is highly advisable to avoid smoking.

Avoid bad habits like smoking

Stay Away From Over Make Up- Layers of makeup can make you look much older than your age. So, choose to use light weight which gives a seamless and beautiful effect. Make sure that your foundation and makeup blends beautifully with your skin tone.

Stay away from over make up

So, by following these simple beauty tips and a little care you can get a flawless and radiant skin. Moreover, you can also try out some safe anti aging treatments available at various spas and par lours. Some Beautiful Women in Make Up haircuts-for-women-over-40-2013
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