Tips To Remove Pimples and Scars Naturally From Face


If not treated properly, pimples can leave permanent and ugly scars on your skin. This can cause a lot of embarrassment and a traumatizing experience. Scars and pimples are caused due to bacterial infection, hereditary and increases due to the accumulation of dirt and sweat. Though there are various cosmetic and laser treatments to get rid of these marks. But by following simple natural procedures you can be blessed with a soft, supple and spotless skin.
Methods or Tips To Remove Pimples and Scars Naturally
Apply Lemon Juice- As we all know that citric acid is an essential ingredient of various skin creams and anti aging products. Lime juice has numerous disinfectant which reduces the bacterial growth in pimples and naturally removes the dead cells. But you should remember not to over apply it. The best method of applying this would be to mix it up with rose water and sandalwood. Apply this face pack and leave it for more than an hour. Both sandalwood and rose water are greatly beneficial for skin problems and the prolonged usage of this pack promises to reduce the scars on your face.
Apply Oil Free Cream And Make Up- You should always remember that pimples are generally caused by the excessive secretion of oil in the face. So, it is always advised to wear a light and dry make up which helps in soaking the excess secretion of oil. For better results, you can also apply face powder.
Fruit Pulp- Pulp of various fruits like papaya, orange, cucumber and pineapple have great medicinal properties which help in removing scars and pimples.
Ice Cubes- There can no better treatment other than the application of ice cubes. Wrap it up in a light piece of cloth and rub it on the skin. This can reduce the reddish tinge and allow your skin to lighten. This is the easiest and best way to treat pimples and scars.
Aloe Vera Gel- With the popularity of Ayurveda, the medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera has become greatly popular. The regular usage of this helps in regenerating the skin tissues and also has great anti aging properties. The acerbic qualities present in Aloe Vera prevents the breakout of pimples and acne.
Use Baking Soda- Baking soda is perhaps the best natural way to remove the upper dead skin. Make a paste of water and baking soda and apply it on the skin. After washing it off, it is always better to massage your skin with a good moisturizer or olive oil. Olive oil is also greatly beneficial for the skin. Unlike other greasy substances, it does not block the skin pores. On the other hand, olive oil dissolves the dirt trapped in the pores and helps to clean the skin. Always remember to wash it off or wipe it with water. This will leave you with a naturally radiant skin.
Use Vitamin E Capsule- Various Vitamin E capsules are available at medical stores. You can cut these capsules, squeeze the oil on your palm and slowly apply it on the affected area. Vitamin E helps to repair the skin tissues.
Balanced Diet- Last but not the least, a balanced diet can actually work wonders on your skin. Foods having high amount of anti oxidants and Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and thus repairs the skin tissues.
Regular Exercise/ Yoga- A proper exercise regime can release stress and leave you with a naturally glowing skin.
Drink Plenty of Water- Water helps to wash away all the toxins in the body and thus leaves you with a clear skin. Water also reduces the bacterial infection in pimples and helps in lightening the scars. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of both alcohol and beverages. This can only make your skin look more dry and dehydrated.
These are some of the best natural ways of removing the ugly spots and marks on your face.