Effective Beauty Secrets

These days fashion plays a dominant role and every individual desires to accentuate their beauty and look fashionable. Here, are a few effective beauty secrets which can allow you to achieve that “perfect look” which every woman craves for.

1. Olive Oil for Frizzy hair- Dry and frizzy hair are definitely not flattering. To get smooth and shiny hair, you can try a wonderful combination of hair treatment. Mash avocado and add a few drops of olive oil. You can apply this paste for 20 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. A regular usage of this paste will bless you with soft and glossy tresses. Again, if you crave to add volume to your hair, wonderful hair cut can also create the magic.

2. Milk of Magnesia for Oily Skin- It is a well stated fact that oily skin is more prone to breakouts and pimples. So, according to experts, you can try using milk of magnesia. This mask will help to absorb the extra oil and also tighten your skin. You can apply this paste and leave it for 20 minutes. Later, wash it off with a mild cleanser. This will bless you with a soft and supple skin. Again, if you have unwanted breakouts, you can apply little toothpaste. This will allow to heal the breakouts faster.

3. Honey for Stressed Skin- If your skin lacks the natural shine and is also plagued with pimples and breakouts, you can easily apply honey and then wash it off after 10 minutes. This will not only remove the pimples but also provide a natural glow to your skin. Honey is also considered to have increased anti bacterial properties which can treat breakouts effectively.

4. Lemon as a Natural Toner- The simplest way to apply it is to squeeze few drops in a piece of cotton and apply it on your skin. It exfoliates the dead cells, cleanses and acts as a great toner for the skin. In addition, since lemon is widely available, so you can easily get a bright and lighter skin tone without shelling out a huge amount of money on cosmetics.

5. Vinegar- If you are suffering from dry, infected and itchy scalp, you can try using vinegar and later wash it off with a mild shampoo. This will not only remove unwanted dandruff but will also treat your scalp.

6. Egg White Mask for Dry Skin- To treat over drying of skin, you can try using an egg white mask. This will reduce the dryness and also tighten your skin. But, if you have an oily skin and prone to breakouts, you should completely avoid it.

7. Coconut oil- High in anti oxidant, coconut oil not only treats skin problems but are excellent for hair as well. In fact, a thorough massage with coconut oil strengthens the hair follicles and are indeed excellent.

8. Use Honey and Lemon for Instant Glow- If your skin lacks the natural lustre, you can mix honey and lemon and apply it on your skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off using warm water. This will definitely bring a natural glow in your skin.

9. Lemon to Clean Stained Nails- If the dark nail polish has left you with ugly nail stains, you can always rub your nails with a piece of lemon. This will help to remove the ugly stains on your nails instantly.