Make Your Nail Paint Stay Longer

Painting your nails can be difficult task for many, The nail pain generally last for a few days, however there is a way to keep your nail paint last longer. If you want your nail paint to stay longer then you need to follow some easy tips that are described below.

1. Massage your nail with cuticle oil as that allows your cuticle to stay moist and out of your way. This will help in easy application of nail paint without the mess.
2. Apply an even layer of base coat to each nail in order to protect the nail from staining. After applying the base coat allow it to dry.
3. After the base coat dries, you can apply the top coat to make your paint stay longer. You can either use the base coat paint as top coat paint or some other shade. It is advisable to brush the top coat on and around the edges as an extra seal against chipping. After the final coat dries, dip your fingers into a bowl of cold water for a few minutes.
Remember that a quality nail paint will last longer than a cheaper nail paint, so it is advisable to use quality products on you nails. You can use Inglot nail paint and cuticle oil for effective results. Follow these simple tips to achieve gorgeous results. Good Luck!