These People Looks Exactly Like Cartoon Characters


If she wears blue sparkling gown with blond braid, you will surely think that snow queen is here.

Meet Angelica's workaholic mother; you may find very much resemblance in both.

You must have seen this guy in The Cleveland Show/ Family Guy. Cleveland is a sweet and calm person in animation; I wonder if this guy also has his patience.

Gene Scallop is a television food critic working for Bikini Bottom News but the real life Scallop has guitar in his hands.

In animated series, he never got lucky with ladies; what's his luck in real life? Only he can tell.

Mr. Burns is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; sharing face doesn't mean same richness!

She is always a big brain behind all the mysteries solved in 'Scooby-Doo'; if this Velma lady in real has that mind then she must join the country's intelligence team.

In Metalocalypse, William Murderface is the member of the virtual metal band Dethklok; does his doppelgänger look famous to you?