Animal Print - Flirty and “Hot” Nail Colors


The present market offers a great range of exceptional nail colors which suits every mood and of course the apparel you are wearing. If you desire to look stunning and fresh in the latest range of nail colors, this article can be of great help.

Lavender- Spring is the perfect season of fresh blossoms and new life. After dry and gloomy winters, even you desire to step out in some of the most exceptional outfits. So, lavender nail paint perfectly suits your mood and style!

Yellow- Though, regular shades of yellow can make your nails to appear sticky and ugly. But, since this spring, yellow appears to be one of the latest colors. So, you can add a tinge of freshness in the new shade of lemon yellow.

Sparkle and multi colors- You can get an exceptional look in the latest range of sparkles. This will make you get the perfect flirty look. Again, multi colored nails can always give you an edge of fashion, style and glamour.

Pastel Shades- Dark and bold colors may become a bit too harsh for this summer. So, you can go for hottest nail colors that rocked world famous fashion shows. Neither flashy nor bold, these pale colors are perfect for formal occasions. So, these pastel shades are the perfect colors that should strike your closet this summer. Pale peach is also one of the most sought after colors this season.

Green- for a bright and eco friendly look, you can select colors like lime green and pale green. So, it is time to get gorgeous and fashionable in cool and bright colors. For a calm and smooth effect, you can also choose to wear pale mint colors.

Feathers- This spring, you can give a new tinge to your looks in some of the newest theme. There is a brand new feather theme which can give you a distinct and bright appearance.

Blue- Be it pale blue or navy, blue is the perfect shade this season. If you desire, you can also give a new look by using the traditional sparkle. So, this season spice up your fashion trends in some of the latest and trendiest collection.