Cute Lipstick Makeup Tutorial and Ideas


So you know how to apply lipstick and give your lips a shinier addiction look. You might know all the traditional ways of applying lipstick so far. But today we are going to tell you a very unique and cute way of applying lipstick which leaves back fine color dashed lips with gorgeous beauty. We will be using crossed approach to get the better finish on the boundary.

We will start with the upper lip. Make a cross at the middle of the upper lip.

Now make an arc on the lower lip just almost center of it.

Now make adjacent dots on both the lips and just along side of the cross and arc on the upper and lower lip respectively.

Now join the cross and arc the way so that now you will be having a fine boundary across your lips painted with the lipstick.

Now entirely fill the upper lip using the lipstick.

Follow the same way for the lower too and apply lipstick to paint it dark red.

Now your both lips should be perfectly red.

Now its time to reveal your perfect smile with the red colored lips which are really addictive.