Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


Step 1:
Start with white shadow on the entire lid. Choose a medium, smoky color for the lower lid. Apply it three-quarters of the way up.
Step 2:
Continue to layer the color to make it darker. Add a deeper color on top and in the crease to intensify the look.
Step 3:
Concentrate on the crease. Continue to layer the shadow deeply enough to create the dramatic effect.

Step 4:
Use your finger to soften the shadow.
Step 5:
Using pencil or dark shadow or liner, applies in smooth strokes moving from the outer to the inner corner of the eyelid.
Step 6:
To give the pencil line staying power, use a liner brush to sweep a layer of eye shadow over the pencil.

Step 7:
Reapply more shadow to add more definition. Continue layering and checking for the effect you desire.
Step 8:
Line underneath the eye beginning at the outside corner, moving toward the inner corner.
Step 9:
Line as close to the lashes as possible.

Step 10:
Soften the using a clean finger of Q-tip.
Step 11:
Smudge the line to create a smoky look, somewhere between liner and shadow. The liner can be thickened.
Step 12:
Final Smoky eye.