How to Celebrate This Valentines Day?


Want to make your Valentines Day special, all you need to do is do something different, something unique to make it special. You can do anything but ordinary but in a special way to make your partner feel great or special. It’s important to keep your partner happy and Valentines Day is one of those unique days when you get a chance to do so. Following are some ordinary yet special ideas that you can make use of this Valentines Day.

Book a reservation at your own home - you can create a unique menu at home that you can make together like sea food, or based on some aphrodisiac theme. You will be saved from making last minute plans and you can enjoy your evening immensely.

Zen Treatment - you can get a Zen treatment done to your partner and you. Go to a spa and spend the evening there. This way you can take out time on that special day to rejuvenate yourself and get ready to do fun things later on.

Going Back to High School - you can simply drive down to the Love Lane of those days when you had met. You can take out some time and enjoy the drive with your partner.

Play truth and Dare game - you can simply play this fun game where you can write 5 truths and 5 dares that you would want to know about your partner and play this game with some friends and enjoy the evening along with some wine.

Watch the sunrise - you can simply get up early in the morning and go to a sea beach and sit and watch the sunrise out there. It would look simply spectacular on a winter morning.

You can have picnic indoors – create an indoor picnic on this special day. Instead of going out you can spread out a blanket on the floor and keep fruits, chocolates, cheese and some wine and enjoy having picnic at home. You can even call your friends to join you.

Create a unique decor - you can spice up the decors by using scented candles, roses in the flower pot and some luxurious linen curtains. This way you can create a beautiful scene and sit and chat about your old days.

Light up - you can especially buy some lampshades for your house and bulbs that have pink or yellow glow, night lamps with dim light to cast a romantic effect.

Book a ticket - you can surprise your partner with tickets in your hands for a show whether it can be a game or a movie. Your partner will simply be thrilled to know about it. Go for a run - you can go out for a run together. Even if its cold outside it would be a great experience altogether.

Dancing - you can call friends over to your home and play some really good music and dance on its tune. Your partner will be surprised and would really appreciate your efforts after it’s over. This is one of those very special ideas that go a long way to keep your partner happy.

Rent a romantic movie and watch it – you can simply rent a good, romantic movie and watch it with your partner while you stay at home. This is incase you don’t wish to go out and watch a movie.

Exchange gifts – you can go to a gift store. Stay separate and buy something for your partner without showing it to him/her. Wrap up the gift well and gift your partner later on. Your partner would definitely love this one.