Angry Robin Nail Art Tutorial


Nail art is a unique form of art. It is a creative and fantastic. A tutorial will teach you how to do nail art style.You have probably seen a lot of Nail Art's but we are sure you haven’t seen anything like this before.This cute little Robin is fairly easy to do and only requires a few colours and tools. I hope you like the tutorial.Just follow the steps given and have fun.You’ll be surprised to find out how simple this look really is.Take a look:

1. Apply a base color only on half of your nails using first color (Red).

2. Then apply another color on the lower part of the First nail polish (brown) as shown in picture.

3. Apply third nail polish on the upper side of the first nail polish (white) to make a angry face.

4. Draw two circles with white color polish and into it a black color cuticle to make a eye of angry bird.

5. Then draw a nose and hairs of the angry bird as shown in picture and you are done.