Apply Red Lipstick Properly Makeup Tutorial


Who doesn’t love the red lipstick look! It makes you feel instantly hot and sexy. Any woman with a red lipstick appears confident and poised. Our cheat sheet will help you get this amorous look in five minutes or less. You will need a primer, your favorite red lipstick and a lip-brush to get the most out of this tutorial. The steps to achieve this perfect red lipstick look are-

Use a lip primer to get a full and luscious look. A lip primer helps to fill in the creases and makes your lips appear youthful and smooth. Often, we forget or simply ignore to use a primer and this results in the lips appear creased or flaccid.

Apply red lipstick evenly and carefully. Be careful not to apply lipstick outside the lip lines.

Use the lip-brush to spread out the lipstick so that it looks consistent. It is important not to apply the lipstick more in center and less on the sides which is a very common faux pas.

Apply lipstick once again to give a finishing touch.

Lo and behold! You have been transformed into exquisite goddess. Enjoy the flattering glances as you look sensual with your red hot lips.