Braided Hair Bun for Special Occasion hairstyle Tutorial


Heading to the party with the same old straight hair? Try this Braided Hair Bun for your special outing. The following steps shall help you attain this ornamental hair bun-

On the left side, separate the hair on top of your head from the hair just above the forehead.

Repeat the same for the right side and intertwine the hair on both sides from the top of your head and tie them loosely.

Out of the hair left at the front, take out three small sections from the hair just above your left ear.

Braid these three sections to get a thin plait.

Separately braid the remaining hair on that side as well so that you get two separate braids- one thick and one thin.

Plait these two braids together.

Secure the final braid with a hairband while leaving a small section of hair towards the end.

Repeat the same for the right side just like the left side.

Tie the two braids along the loose half-pony.

Make a bun.

Secure with a bobby pin.

All your hard-work will not go waste as people shower you with praises for this ornate hair bun.