Cherry Colorblocked Manicure Step By Step Nail Art Design


Sometimes you just need some exciting stuff to be done on your nails during your free time. Simple manicure is just to keep your nails healthy but nail art keeps them more fashionable. Here in this blog we will guide you on how to nail art Cherry + Pink Color blocked Mani:

Once you are done with the normal manicure and the nail shapes have been flattered with cuticles being pushed back. Do not cut them and apply a basecoat and put a striping tape three fourth down the nail. Make sure that the striping tape is fixed properly from the ends.

Apply pink nail paint below the striping tape. Look the pictures that have been displayed.

Now after this apply red color nail paint on the above side of the striping tape immediately.

Now expose the negative space taken by the striping tape. Gently remove the striping tape when the nail paints are still somewhat wet. This way, both the nails paints will settle down smoothly instead of being pointy and tacky.

Sharpen the negative space with a striper brush dipped in nail polish remover. This can straighten out any imperfections, so your negative space looks crisp and perfect.