Cool Chevron Nail Art Design Tutorial


Chevrons look cool and adorable. They define edginess in a woman. What better way to display your love for chevron than this cool Chevron Nail Art Design Tutorial?!!

Take a plastic sheet and cover your nail with it. It’s better if the sheet is light in color so that you can easily use dark ink to outline your nail. Trace the outline of your nail on the sheet with a blue or black pen.

Cut out a chevron pattern from the sheet with the help of scissors and secure this strip on the nail by tying the edges of using a temporary and skin-friendly glue. Mark the edges of your nail on both sides so as to not spill the nail polish.

Apply black nail varnish on the nail covering the full nail.

Take out the plastic strip. You get a chevron pattern on your nail with this innovative technique!

Repeat on other nails. You can use white nail polish for the base and black nail polish for the top.

An impressive chevron design has been created on your nails.

Try this magnificent design and flaunt your nifty look in front of everyone.