Cotton Candy Bun Cool Ideas Hairstyle Tutorial


You might be puzzled with the title itself, how we are going to make a cotton candy using our hairs. Just get yourself ready because in the coming moments we are going to tell you step by step tutorial on making cotton candy bun hairstyle.

First and foremost thing to begin any hairstyle is to comb your hairs.

Make a regular pony as you do on daily basis and tie along the hairs using elastic band.

Make sure we are making a high pony and tie the elastic band at the point where you want to create the bun.

Now grab all the hairs in pony and apply hair spray to keep them along or stick them together.

Now baffle around the hairs and make them completely rough to spread in more and create exact cotton replica.

Now fold them all around the elastic you have placed and the final hairs should be hidden in across the bundle.

Your cotton candy bun hairstyle is ready and you are perfectly ready for the party to grab the attention of all. Do share it with your friends and amaze them with your knowledge.