French Fishtail Ponystyle Hair Tutorial


Are you bored with your routine hairstyle? Try this French Fishtail Pony-Style Hair Tutorial and earn the admiration of your pals. This step-by-step tutorial will help you look your best-

Make a loose half pony. It is important that the hairdo be comfortable.

Carefully divide the half pony in two sections and split the sections further in two more sections.

Take the lower split of the left section.

Take this lower split of the left section to the right section and braid it with the upper split of the right section.

Bring it back to the left section and repeat the same with the lower right split by bringing it to the upper left split and braiding it.

You will see a lovely fishtail braid emerging as you continue to braid your hair. Now, you shall be able to make out what the final look will be.

Braid two to three inches and leave a portion of hair at the end.

Secure the braid in place with a hair band.

Impress the world with this exclusive Fishtail Pony-Style Hair Tutorial and walk in style as you stop traffic with your chic hairstyle.