Gorgeous Edgy Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Are you ready to learn gorgeous edgy bun hairstyle today? Then sit with patience as we are going to share with you this tutorial. We assume you as complete beginner so will include each necessary step to make you learn better.

Combing your hairs makes them smooth and you can easily handle them without creating any fuzzy.

Make a regular pony from your hairs leaving some hairs just above the forehead.

Now we will work on the remaining hairs. Comb them once again pull them back the same but you need to bind them around the elastic band you have used to create the pony.

This way you will be having a pony hanging at the back and elastic covered with the hair bunch going back from ahead.

Now you are almost done.

Only thing remaining is fold the pony around the bunch to make a big bun and your hairstyle is done.
We hope it is quite easy that you have adopted it completely in the very first step. If you have messed up at some step then start over once again from the beginning and you will definitely achieve it.