Hairdo Rope Braid Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


A wonderful way to stun everyone is to make this creative Rope Braid Bun. Let’s discuss the steps-

First and foremost, make a mid or low ponytail. A very high ponytail will not allow for a sophisticated bun.

Tie a fancy ribbon along the hairband. You can use a satin ribbon in bright color or a woven string to get the gypsy look.

Take the two ends of the ribbon and put them on either sides of your pony.

Separate your pony into two sections and twist each section.

Wrap one end of the ribbon along the twisted section and repeat for the second section with the other end of the ribbon.

Wrap the two sections along each other with their separate ribbon ends.

Now you have the two sections wrapped along each other including the ribbons.

Slightly loosen the braid at the top to give a laid-back look.

Make the braid into a bun.

Secure the bun in place with a bobby pin or a barrette.

Try this elegant hairdo for work or party and garner praises from your friends and family for your imagination and panache.