Monochromatic Intricate Nail Art Design Tutorial


A sophisticated nail art design for women who have perfected the art of nail designing. However, this tutorial is so detailed and easy to comprehend that even a novice can create this intricate monochromatic design. Follow these steps and you will get this funky and cool look-

Apply white a cream nail polish to the nail to create a base. Draw a slanting line along the length of the nail and another one along the breadth.

Draw several triangles along these lines. Be creative and push your imagination.

Fill a few triangles with sky blue nail polish. You can use other color as well if you want to replicate this pattern but not these colors.

Fill the adjacent triangles with white nail polish.

Apply peacock blue nail polish on two or three triangles.

Draw web patterns and geometrical designs on some triangles.

Fill the remaining triangles with dots, smaller triangles and waves.

You now have the hip and jazzy nail design.

This fab nail art design is so happening that you will be the center of attention everywhere you go. So, try it now and enjoy the groovy look.