Nose Contouring Trick Makeup Tutorial


With the small-tipped brush, apply the darker contour powder on the sides of your nose bridge up to your eyebrows if needed.

Apply the darker contour powder with the wider brush. Blend the lines so that they don’t stand out. You don’t want to see those reference lines anymore, so, blend till they are gone.

If your nostrils are wide, you can encircle them with help of the darker powder and the small-tipped brush. Blend in the darker powder with the wider brush, thus, erasing the circles.

Apply the lighter contour powder or the highlighter to the bridge of your nose. If your nose is bulbous, kindly refrain from applying the highlighter to the tip of your nose.

You will notice a subtle difference in the appearance of your nose that will be pleasant and delightful. So, get your brushes and contour powders and dazzle everyone with your stunning new makeup trick.