Ombre Heart Manicure Polish Nail Art Design


Summers are here..!! Let’s have some exciting fashion matching to our dresses. Simple manicure is getting boring these days. We have exciting nail art designs for girls looking for latest fashionable stuff.

Get your nails normal manicured so as to keep them healthy. Once its done, the cuticles should be properly pushed back. Now apply a basecoat over your nails and two coats of pale creamy pink shade. Let it get dried completely. Now get some reinforcement stickers so as to create a heart shape on your nails.

Now paint your nails with the pink color nail pant from the stickers to the tips of your nails. Make sure you remove the stickers before the nail paint gets fully dried. If you will pull off it late the paint would be dried and would leave behind residue.

Keep trying to create the ombre effect. After the pink nail paint gets dry, overlap the whole reinforcements closer to the tip of your nail and then paint then nail with a brighter red color nail paint. Again remember to pull off the stickers before its gets completely dry.

Now at last apply a quick dry top coat over it and show off your beautiful nails.