Quick & Easy Sock Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Buns are the common hairstyle now a day. They are easy to pick and not disturbed so easily. Bun hairstyles are suitable for various formal and casual environments. Today we are taking this tutorial on making quick and easy sock bun hairstyle. For a handy bun we will be using a sock to give the outline and concrete base to hold the hairs.

Comb your hairs to make them smooth and easy to adopt any hairstyle.

Make a regular simply pony as you make it on daily basis.

Attach an elastic band to hold the hairs together.

Now put a sock around the elastic and pull out all the hairs through it.

Spread the hairs across the sock and completely cover it with the hairs coming out from the center.

One more time put elastic at the bottom of sock to make pulling hairs clean and smooth.

Now encircle all hanging hairs around the sock base and make them completely disappear in it.

You did a brilliant job and have completely learned this new easy sock bun hairstyle tutorial. Have fun with your friends and make them learn.