Rock & Chick Hairstyle Tutorial


Rock chick hairstyle is unique among all hairstyles because it is the combination of braid, bun and some loose ends as well. We hope you are pretty aware with creating pony tail and bun using your hairs. If you are not a hair stylist yourself, then nothing to worry about as we will take it easily and try to explain each and every step with adequate simplicity to make you learn it easily.

First you need to make small braid along your left ear. Grab little hairs over you left ear and fold them around to create a thin braid.

Follow the same step to create an identical braid from right ear as well.

Now it’s time to create bun. Grab some hairs from the top of head and make a regular bun leaving some front hairs to cover it later on.

Now grab the hairs from your forehead and pull them back over the bun.

Using the rubber band you need to tie along both the left and right braid and the final hairs that you have pulled over the braid.

Congratulations!! Your rock chick hairstyle is completed successfully and we have you have done it quite correctly.