Rolled Braided Bun Updo Fancy Hairstyle Tutorial


Rolled braided bun is among the new inventions in the hairstyles and not everyone is familiar in making this done. But you need not to worry because today we will make you expert in making a rolled braided bun updo hairstyle and that too following all set of easy steps.

It is a good practice to comb your hairs before adopting any hairstyle to make hairs smooth.

Comb your hairs to divide them along the side. Your hairs should fall to other side crossing your head.

Now grab the hairs lying on your face and roll them around your forehead towards back.

Same ways from the opposite side grabs equivalent hairs and tie them along with the previous bunch with the help of an elastic band.

Now encircle the little pony around the elastic band which is holding them.

Make a braid of the hairs lying on your neck and make a smooth two way braid.

Now it’s time to make a big bunch and roll over the braid around the first bunch and fix the ends using the hairpin.

Your new classic rolled braided bun fancy hairstyle is ready for the showtime.