Springtime Colorblock Nail Art Tutorial


Spring is the time for fun and frolic. Let your hair down and enjoy the cool breeze. Your nails should also demonstrate your chirpy mood. Follow this extremely easy and quick tutorial to get Springtime Color Block Nail Art. Just follow these easy steps-

Apply sky blue nail polish all over the nail. Cover half of the nail lengthwise with a strip of paper. Do not stick it, though. Just cover your nail. In case you find that the strip keeps slipping, ask a friend to help you.

Coat the exposed half of the nail with bright yellow nail polish. You can use other colors as well as per your liking. Be sure to use only bright colors as they represent the light heartedness of spring.

Cover half of the nail breadth wise with the paper strip. Place the strip on the bottom half of the nail. You can also experiment with the area you want to color. Instead of the bottom half, you can cover the upper half if you like.

Apply baby pink nail polish only on the upper right side.

Let your mood rejuvenate with these bright colors as you enjoy the jolly season of spring.