Stunning Soft Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial


Give your eyes a sexy and mysterious look with this easy and artistic Soft Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Apply soft brown eye shadow on the brow-bone above the upper eyelid.

Apply reddish-brown eye shadow on the upper eyelid as well as the brow-bone. This will create a dual effect of highlight and contour.

Use shimmery gold shadow on the upper lid. A gold eye shadow will create a glamorous look and will give you an edgy appearance.

Create a winged-eyeliner look with the help of liquid eyeliner or a pencil. A winged-eyeliner look adds class and looks vintage.

Accentuate your upper eyelashes with a mascara. It is important to use a volumizing mascara so that your eyes appear larger.

Draw a thick line along the inner rim of your lower lids with the help of an eye-pencil. Make sure to define the waterline distinctly to add a neat look. Use mascara on your lower lashes for a final touch.

With this look, you will have strangers gazing into your eyes as you flutter your eyelashes at them. This look is not only alluring but also uncomplicated. So, hypnotize the world with your seductive eyes.