Texture of Red & Black Nail Art Tutorial


Oh wow…here we a new fashionable look for your nails with a combination of two colors red and black. Red and black colors are considered to be the colors for a party look. Here are few simple steps to get your nails give a fashionable look.

Materials required:
  • Black nail paint
  • Red nail paint
  • Sticking strips
  • Top coat
Here we go…!!!

Start with the normal manicure. Get your nails filled in the desired shape that you want. Once done now apply a thin layer of base coat on your nails. Once the basecoat gets dry, apply two layers of black color nail paint.

 Once the black color nail paint gets dry, puts the sticking strips in a zig-zag manner over the surface of the nail.

 Now take the red color nail paint and apply it over the complete surface of your nail.

 Wait for some time until the red color nail paint gets completely dry.

 Once the red color nail paint gets dry, gently start removing the strips.

Now you would see the wonderful zig-zag design on your nails ready for party.