Triple Twist Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial


A regular ponytail day in and day out can make you feel lackluster. However, ponytail is a necessity for women who need to keep hair off their face and need a neat look. Try this Triple twist Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial to give a graceful look to your regular pony. The steps to this classy ponytail-

Open your hair loose. Clean and combed hair will be the best for trying out this hairstyle.

Take the middle portion from the top of your head.

Tie it back into a loose bouffant.

At the back of your head, the bouffant should appear loosely tied with the sides slightly twisted.

Take the remaining portion of your hair at the left side and twist it while taking it back.

Your left section should be behind your ears placed near your bouffant.

Repeat the same with the right portion.

Secure the bouffant and the two sides with a hairband.

Now, you have this pleasing ponytail with triple twist.

Try this now and enjoy your day at work or school without worrying about hair falling over your eyes or being blown away by a gust of wind.