Typography Nail Art Ideas & Tutorial


Good nail and nail art design could boost up your entire look; they are the first thing which does create an ever lasting impression. Nail art is the easiest thing to revamp your entire look, it may be the last minute invitation for the party or any sort of get together. Nails are the best place to put up your creativity of mind. With the advanced technology we could variety of nail art designs. But the best nail art could doing it yourself and at very low cost tools. From the stores of experts we bring to you the newspaper print nail art design:-

Apply a base coat first with transparent color nail polish, let it dry for few minutes

Then on the entire nails, paint and apply 2 coats of any preferable light shaded color nail polish.

Take a piece of newspaper and soak it into the water, before the nail polish dries apply the same piece of newspaper on your nails. Dab the piece of newspaper with the cotton bud, leave it for 45 minutes.

Once done to give it shiny effects use a transparent color nail polish.