Apply Skinny Lipstick Step By Step


You have done with your facial and prepared eye makeup as well. Now it’s time for the lips to finish the overall look. Lips are considered as easy to prepare and it is true to certain bit. Today we are taking this tutorial to make your learn how to apply skinny lipstick with help of step by step guide. The skinny lipstick matches with your natural lips color and can work as great fashion trend.

First apply the lip balm to create the moisture and remove the dry wrinkles from the lips.

Now using the lip-liner prepare an outline around your both lips.

Start from the middle of the upper lip and go towards outside.

Follow the same for the lower lip as well.

Now pick the lipstick that exactly matches with your skin color.

Start filling the middle region with the help of the lip brush.

As a practice, don’t apply direct lipstick on to your lips. Make use of proper brushes as it helps your lipstick to last longer.

Your shinier, matching trends lipstick has been done and your overall makeup is hence completed.