Awesome Laser Cut Marble Nail Manicure Tutorial


Have you ever got a chance to watch any laser show with all sparkling lights perfectly pointed and guided animation with music in back ground. When we think of lasers it is something so smooth and clear. So today our tutorial is on laser cut marble nail manicure tutorial and we will guide you through all this. Let’s proceed further and you should follow along to learn better.

First paint you nail in dark red. Fill the nail full and evenly.

Now using white nail paint draw some arbitrary shape of lines this should result into partial red and partial white impression.

Now put some fine strips of tape on your nail.

Apply black pain to fully cover the nail.

Now when you finally remove the tapes you will have red and white lines all in between of dark black showing exact laser cutting.

Finally you need to topcoat it to maintain the shine.

Yeppieeee, we are done with it. Your nails are now shining with all laser cuts spreading across the nail. Hope you like it and your friends also when you will show it to them.