Balmain Color Flash Extensions Hairstyle Tutorial


Although perfect black hairs have their own importance and value when it comes about traditional hairstyles. But today coloring hairs is also in trends and it gives us a very unique glamorous look. The very important thing about this Balmain color flash main extension hairstyle is that it doesn’t require any coloring of hairs so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your hairs due to chemical color substance. Here we use readily available color flash extensions which we hide within our hairs.

First put your hairs on one side and make space where you want to attach the extension between the hairs.

Attach the extension using the thin clip which will not be visible above your hairs.

Once clip is attached you will find these extensions as part of your regular hairs and you can care them likewise.

Now go on to straighten the hairs and have them dried to look more gentle and fashionable.

Your fresh hairs also deliver freshness on your body and personality. Do care about them and keep them shining in colors. Next time when you want different shade you just need to pick a different color extension and it is done.