Big Bow Ponytail Hairstyle Step By Step Tutorial


Pony tail hair style is for tall girls. If you are having golden hairs then pony tail should be your favorite hairstyle. It is perfect for any face cut and so easy that everyone can do it. If you don’t know how to do that, no need to worry because we will tell and yes everything from the beginning covering each single step. So here it goes.

Put your hairs in a pony tail and preferably you should keep it high ponytail.

Now wrap some of the hairs around the rubber band to make it gripping thick and hold them with bobby pin.

Now separate some of the hairs from your ponytail and put them together using elastic. This time the hairs should make a loop and loop should be continued in two parts.

Place both the loop parts using bobby pins one should go top to bottom and another from bottom towards top.

Now take some more hairs from below the elastic of bow and take it over the elastic and firmly secure with bobby pin.

Now take the remaining hairs rolling together making a loop and hide it under any of the bows. Don’t forget to secure with the bobby pin.

Your big bow ponytail is all ready!!