Black Zebra Nail Polish Tutorial


Black zebra nail art gives your nails a glossy and trendy look. We will be requiring regular black nail paint, base coating and a regular striper. We will guide you step by step in this tutorial to make your nails look even more fashionable and trendy.

First start by applying regular base coating on to your nails. It protects your natural nails from any side-effect.

Now pick the black nail paint and apply it gently to your nails.

Leave it for some time to dry. You will see as it dries, the brightness of black color fades a little and which is even good for our design art.

Now use the striper and you need to draw zebra lines from both the sides.

Striper has the shiny polish tip which will make your zebra lines to look shinier as compared to the base surface.

Make a good number of lines to completely fill the nails.

Your very own trendy and fashionable zebra lines are ready to match up with your wardrobe that you are picking for the party tonight. Have fun and enjoy your evening with glamorous look.