Cat Eyes - Apply Liquid Eyeliner


Everyone sees this beautiful world with his/her eyes so let’s make the world see your beautiful eyes now. Yes we are talking about this latest eye makeup which will make the world look at you for long and if they are girls, they will surely wish to ask you how you have done this. We are talking about making cat eyes with the liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is considerably easy to apply because it spreads easily.

Before starting this makeup tutorial, you should wash your face and specially the eyes. Properly get the skin dried.

Now pick the brush to completely remove the water from the eye lashes.

Grab the liquid eyeliner and start from the middle of the upper eye lash and star preparing a thick outline right over the eye lash.

As the pattern says, we will be making outer eye a bit dark as compared to the inner and the bottom lash line will be completely free of this eyeliner.

Swap of the extra color if you have got is spill over the area outside.

Your stunning yet fashionable cat eyes are ready to see this beautiful world and congratulations you have contributed one more beautiful thing to this world.