Chevron Nail Art Tape Manicure Tutorial


Chevron tape can be more useful in case of drawing complex graphical figures to your nail arts. Usually tapes are used to cover the part where we don’t want to apply the color so as to apply the multicolor graphical figure look which is very popular now a day. Likewise we will learn today a different manicure nail art using the chevron tape. We will be drawing with the chocolate color nail paint over the yellow background.

Apply the yellow nail paint to your nails, covering it fully.

Now apply the chevron tape on both corners of the nail.

Chevron tapes are usually in circular shape which can be used to hide more complex shapes.

Apply two semi-circular strips of chevron tape on your nail.

Now apply the chocolate color nail paint over the chevron tape, making it fully cover one more time.

Once it is set, it’s time to remove the chevron tape.

You will see the area covered under the tape is left in yellow while the remaining is shining in dark chocolate.

This way we have learnt, how useful chevron tape can be for drawing more complex graphical shapes.