Colorful Plaid Nail Art Polish and Tutorial


Funky nail art are in trend these days. Nails do portray the feminine beauty, where going to parlours are concerned these nail art could be pretty expensive. While deciding on the nail art the creativity for it is boundless. The funky styles nail art do create a stunning impact and embraces the grace of nails. With the combined efforts of experts we bring to you some of the best nail art tips that are as follows:-

Pick your contemporary color, paint the entire nail with fast colors like pink, dark red or any other color of your choice. Let it dry for few minutes.

Now with black color nail polish, paint a straight horizontal line, let it dry for few minutes.

On the nails, start painting the vertical lines. Leave some space. Design would be appeared like a box.

Remove the extra paint from the skin if required with simple dab of cotton, for creating a shiny effect adds the transparent color nail polish. Your colorful nail art plaid is ready.

Remember to protect your nails for longer period of time, it is important to use branded color nail polish.