Contouring Snake Nail Art Tutorial


Real snakes are dangerous and not so good looking but your nails can get the wow! From the crowd with very unique contouring snake nail art. Contouring nail art doesn't take much of the effort. It is pretty simple and you can get it at home. We will tell you how to do that following just few steps. You will be requiring a green and a black and white nail paint that’s it.

First apply white over your nails. Apply it gently and make sure it doesn’t spread to your skin.

Now firmly apply the green pain mainly at the top half giving it a multicolor texture. White at the bottom and green over the top.

Now use the black to make the snake impressions.

Starting from the bottom you need to make semi circular waves and the art follows up throughout the top.

Make sure you make all the semi circles of same width and height to look in proper symmetry.

Congratulations!!! You have given a pretty cool look to your nails and definitely the audience is going to ask you about the secret and you have to answer that you yourself have done it because you have done it actually.