Decorate Nails at Home - Tutorial


Now no need to visit parlors to get you nails decorated because the same you can do at your home. You might have already know some of the nail art design and today we will increase your knowledge as we will be teaching you one more advanced tutorial on nail art. We will be drawing lady bug on your nails which looks as cute as the live lady bug.

First paint your nails in red, using the red nail paint.

Now make a horizontal line in black meeting the two ends of the nail. Make it spread near the corner.

Now at the bottom make a semi circle and fill it with the same black color.

On each side of the middle line, drop 2-3 black dots same as you see on the back of ladybug.

Finish the art by drawing eyes for the ladybug which will be drawn as white circles having black dark circle within it.

This way you have learned one more way of decorating your nails at the ease of sitting at your home. We will continue this series as we will be taking lot more similar tutorials on nail art.