Disney Stitch Polish Nail Art Tutorial


If you loves to play with your nails and founds yourself creative applying the nail paints to draw new shapes and colors, this tutorial can be great fun for you. Today we are going to tell you step by step tutorial on creating a Disney character right on to your nails. Believe me the character is so cute that it can make you fall in love with him. So let’s start.

Before applying any nail paint it is a good practice to coat your nails with the base coat so as to protect them from any chemical hazard.

Now pick the white nail paint and apply it to your nails evenly.

Leave it for some time to dry.

Now pick the sky blue nail paint and paint the lower bottom semi-circle, this will be our main playing area.

Draw some random lines above to resemble hairs of the character.

Now come a bit down and draw two circles which will be eyes. Use white to make it visible.

In the middle use another dark color and put a thick dot which will be the nose.

Now the final turn to open the eyes, use the black and white combination.