Dot Mash Nail Art Sticks Tutorial


This nail art tutorial might not impress you in the beginning because of its simple look and easy steps but as we will be going forward to apply creativity you will love this and will not get bored because every time you try it, you will be coming with a new look.

First paint your nails in simple white using the white nail paint.

Now put two drops of pink just a little apart on white background.

Similarly add some saffron and few green also.

So now are having multiple color dots placed at a distance on yours single nail.

Now pick a toothpick from your fruit salad box and start playing with these dots.

You need to mash the dots, the way you want to.

The outcome will be an irregular multi-color pattern.

The pattern looks so fascinating and it is like it has been applied as a tattoo to your nails but only you know how you have done this. One more thing when next time you will be trying this you can pick the different color combinations and make them display a different pattern next time.