Double Braid Hairstyle Step By Step


Some hairstyles are tricky to do but the final result is truly worth it. This one is one of them. You will require a lot of patience but will be very pleased with the final outcome.

Separate your hair by taking out the side and lower portions as shown in the image.
Make a bun by the upper portion by simply wrapping it around. Keep pinning it up as you go.
Now when you have the hair length of about a few inches left, start making a braid out of it and wrap it along the bun.
Now start with the front most portion of the hair left out and taking individual strands as you go, make a braid.
Keep picking leaving strands as you cover the right side of the scalp.
Repeat the same with the left side and when you reach the bottom, tuck the extra hair into the bun from below.