Dripp Color Nail Art Cool Tutorial


Dripping colors are the most casual and cool looking nail art designs which are followed by girls now a day. In dripping color art you have a simple plain white background and the dripping drops of the overlaying color feels like it has dropped by mistake but the cool thing is this mistake was done intentionally to look more casual and cool. In our tutorial we will be using white as a back ground color and blue as the overlying color.

First coat your nail with all white nail paint.

Let it dry for some time so that it is set completely.

Now draws a single vertical line of blue and put a point at the rear part or make it thick in end.

Similarly draw 3 more lines or less if it not fits properly.

Make sure to have the length irregular, you can make anyone largest and anyone of them can be smaller no issue.

Now lastly you need to put one more drop of blue at the bottom as well.

That’s it; we have done with our drip color nail art cool tutorial. I hope you found it really cool doing it all along.